Gustavo A. Segura Lazcano


The present paper is an empirical study of innovation and export performance of small and medium-sized firms. By separating a sample of small and medium-sized manufacturing firms in Canada into two

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This article is the product of a research on ideas, ideologies and political change, with a special focus on El Salvador. It attempts to summarize some of my ideas on ideologies and political chang

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The thought-provoking vision of blood sacrifice as the common ground of pre-Columbian American and European Judeo-Christian societies is reflected in two opposed views of Spain's conquest and coloniza ... ver más

Relación entre la deficiencia de hierro y el desempeño intelectual en niños de edad escolar

Gloria Otero, Dalia Aguirre, María del Rosario Porcayo, Lucila Millán, Miguel A. Colín, Claudia Quiroz